ProTight guides the operator on what needs to be completed on the part/machine or sub-assembly on the production-line. As the operator proceeds through the requested tasks, ProTight controls and registers all the tightening results that are applied on the part/piece.

Using an electric/pneumatic/hydraulic tightening tool or even a manual click wrench, the force and, if possible, the angle of the tightening are registered during the tightening process.


For more videos about Protight and its compatibility, click here.

All data for each screw connection are stored locally and than fed to a central server at production control room level by the Ethernet network (LAN). Here, the frequency and the type of problem are analyzed, and statistical quality control is carried out. In case of a network disruption, ProTight will send all results when the connection is restored. In this way, your production can continue even when it's disconnected from the network.

 Here we have examples of equipped ProTight stations.


    Atlas Copco is a Swedish industrial company which manufactures industrial tools and equipment. For the air compressors (of which Altas Copco is the world's leading producer), they chose ProSuite to make their assembly process more efficient


    Audi, a German automobile manufacturer that designs, engineers, manufactures and distributes automobiles, choses ProSuite to make their assembly process more efficient.



    Nissan, one of the worlds biggest car manufacturers, choses ProSuite to make their assembly process more efficient.
  • CNH New Holland Agriculture      
    CNH Global N.V. is a Dutch and American manufacturer of agricultural and construction equipment. CNH's scope included integrated engineering, manufacturing, marketing and distribution of equipment on five continents. They chose ProSuite to make their assembly process more efficient.