Manage your tightening equipment


Tightening equipment can, after a certain period, start to work less precisely. This can bring big risks when the tightening moment has to be very specific. That’s why we developed our product ProControl.

In this way, we give you the ability to measure the tightening moments with a calibrated piece. Like this it can compare the real tightening moment with the follow tightening moment.

With ProControl you can choose to do the calibration test once a month, 3 months or even 6 months and it’s easy to know when because there’s a certification agenda included in the ProControl system.

After the test you’ll get a verification report that will give you a “Conform” or a “Not Conform”. When you have a "Not Conform", it means that you will have to calibrate your tightener before you can use it again at the workstation.

With Procontrol it’s possible to:

  • Manage certifications
  • Standardize your certification process
  • Print certification labels
  • Print certification reports

    Atlas Copco is a Swedish industrial company which manufactures industrial tools and equipment. For the air compressors (of which Altas Copco is the world's leading producer), they chose ProSuite to make their assembly process more efficient


    Audi, a German automobile manufacturer that designs, engineers, manufactures and distributes automobiles, choses ProSuite to make their assembly process more efficient.



    Nissan, one of the worlds biggest car manufacturers, choses ProSuite to make their assembly process more efficient.
  • CNH New Holland Agriculture      
    CNH Global N.V. is a Dutch and American manufacturer of agricultural and construction equipment. CNH's scope included integrated engineering, manufacturing, marketing and distribution of equipment on five continents. They chose ProSuite to make their assembly process more efficient.