Nissan is known all over the world as one of the biggest global car manufacturers.

Why did they choose for ProSuite®

  • Benefits
    • Less recalls
    • Improved production process
    • Less assembly failures
    • Operators have less stress



  • Business challenges
    • Nissan wanted a better overview of made failures and the possibility to intervene during assembly
    • Nissan wanted to establish a minimum of assembly failure
    • Nissan wanted to establish a real-time data collection in a structured database
    • Nissan wanted to improve their measurement and analysis process
    • Nissan wanted a solution that was compatible with their other machines
    • Nissan wanted a system that putted autonomously new cars in the assembly system
    • Nissan wanted job result and repair details of every manufactured car
  • The Solution
    • ProSuite®
      • Compatible with all kinds of brands of tighteners
      • Operator instructions on the screen
      • Saves and analyzes data
      • Real-time status of all tightening results


Nissan was coping with several problems. First of all, they had to identify manually the type of car they were producing which took a long time and risk. Secondly, they wanted to have full traceability of as well the tightening tools as the cars on the production line. Third they need to know if every screw connection is made properly, because otherwise they can break and if this happens on a production line this would mean they would have to recall thousands of cars, this can lead to massive image damage so Nissan wants to avoid this at any cost.

For all these problems, we could offer our standard solutions, DJA-Intake, ProtightTM Multi-station, ProRepair and Shiftregister.

DJA-intake is a system that by using an encoder, recognizes the specific car and gives it automatically a serial number to work with during the assembly process. This way it’s impossible to assemble wrong parts and it goes faster than when an operator manually has to implement the cars.

ProTightTM Multi-station is developed to control and monitor nutrunner tightenings  in the Nissan environment. The aim was pointed in two directions, first of all Nissan wanted to use the same version of software for all different tightening applications and secondly they wanted that the different single stations could be linked together in order to store all local data on a central server. So that the server would govern the status of all the stations and tracks every car by its serial number.

We also implemented ProRepair stations in the production line so that we can intervene if our software registered a connection that doesn’t suit the requirements.


The system shiftregister is an internal website that is connected to your ProSuite Manager and will give you information about which cars are on the assembly line, what the distance is between the cars in the production line, … The shiftregister is in this case connected with a PLC-system. 

    Atlas Copco is a Swedish industrial company which manufactures industrial tools and equipment. For the air compressors (of which Altas Copco is the world's leading producer), they chose ProSuite to make their assembly process more efficient


    Audi, a German automobile manufacturer that designs, engineers, manufactures and distributes automobiles, choses ProSuite to make their assembly process more efficient.



    Nissan, one of the worlds biggest car manufacturers, choses ProSuite to make their assembly process more efficient.
  • CNH New Holland Agriculture      
    CNH Global N.V. is a Dutch and American manufacturer of agricultural and construction equipment. CNH's scope included integrated engineering, manufacturing, marketing and distribution of equipment on five continents. They chose ProSuite to make their assembly process more efficient.